Removing paint from carpet

So, you were working on touching up your rooms, or the budding artist in your family doesn’t quite understand the need for drop cloths…

Either way, you’ve spilled paint.  On the carpet.  What are you going to do NOW!?

Look at all that PAINT!

First things first:  Grab an old towel from the rag pile, and blot up (PLEASE don’t scrub, as that will spread the paint around) as much of the paint as you can.  If it’s a minor spill, this is not so important, but it you’ve tipped over a bucket of paint and a large amount is in the carpet, it can soak into the backing and potentially the carpet padding.Now that you’ve blotted the paint up to remove excess, get some plastic wrap and use that to cover the spill.  Keeping the paint moist until I can begin to work on it will make removal SO much easier.  If it doesn’t dry, I can quite often just rinse it out of the carpet with my regular cleaning equipment.

So, now that you’ve accomplished those first two (very important) steps, it’s time to call a professional.  This is not something that pouring a little bit of mineral spirits on will fix (imagine the smell, first, but that stuff could potentially melt the plastic in your carpet fibers!).

Halfway there!

Upon arriving, I’ll take a look at how much paint is present and based upon what will need to be done, I’ll tell you what it will cost BEFORE I get started.  That way there are no nasty surprises at the end of the job.

Oh, and in case the paint dries before you can cover it, don’t worry.  It will still come out, but if we can prevent drying until I get to it, it’s so much easier to get it out!

All done!  Those bits of drywall to the left of the picture were removed during the cleaning that came afterwards.

Have a great day, everyone!

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