Shower Stall Cleaning

It might seem counter-intuitive, right?  The shower is where you go to get clean, so why does IT need cleaning?  However, here in the New River and Roanoke Valleys, we tend to have hard water.  The minerals in the water, over time, can create deposits on your tile, grout, and shower door that dull the finish and are particularly difficult to clean off!

The lady that lived here was actually embarrassed for me to see this. The rest of her home was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! It looked like she employed a full time cleaning crew.

The lady that owned this home called me because she was simply at her wit’s end.  She told me she’d done everything that she could think up, up to and including using a wire brush on the floor, but she could NOT get it clean.  The rest of her home was immaculate, too.  She was a great housekeeper.

Ceiling of the shower. Look at the light, and you’ll see a ring of mildew around fixture on the tile.

We talked for awhile about what would need to be done, scheduled a time, and when all was said and done it looked like this:

Look how much BETTER that tile looks!

As you can see the finished product turned out very well.  With some patience and the right products, tile and grout clean up very well.

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