“Cleaning 101”

The Three Core Concepts of Cleaning ANYTHING (Yes, I said “Anything”, and I meant what I said…)

I think it’s important for all parties involved to understand what “cleaning” actually IS, before you hire someone to clean something as important to the health of your home as your floors, whether they are carpet, or a hard surface like tile and grout.  As such, you might consider this an introductory “class” on the topic, and what’s involved.  Over the years as my own understanding of this developed and improved, I have started explaining to people that there are three key concepts to “cleaning” (defined as removing unwanted soiling from any given surface that has accumulated over time).  It doesn’t really matter if we’re talking about a kitchen counter, carpet, or a concrete sidewalk…these three concepts remain the same:

 – Spray (the cleaning solution onto the surface)
 – Scrub (with an appropriate device to break up the soiling and get it suspended in the cleaning solution)
 – Extract (the soiling/dirt and cleaning solution from the surface, AKA “Rinsing”)

When we clean your carpet, tile and grout, or upholstery, we start with an appropriate pre-spray (NOT something you get “charged extra” for, it’s an inherent aspect of the cleaning process), and we’ll spray it onto the surface(s) that we’re cleaning.  Then we’ll get out the machine I use to scrub the floor (I have different machines for carpet than I do for tile/grout), and give the floor a good scrub.  Then it’s time to Extract all that stuff out of the carpet with a good freshwater rinse, and this is EXTREMELY important to maintaining the cleanliness of your surface over time.  Imagine getting into the shower, shampooing your hair, and then just dipping your head under the shower nozzle before getting out.  You’d still have all that stuff in your hair, and it would get gooky and nasty as you went through your day, right?  Same principle applies here.  In my experience, if you don’t rinse the floor thoroughly, the residue left behind by the cleaning solution can cause the carpet to get dirty FASTER than it would otherwise, which is never a good thing.

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Hope everyone has a great week!