Tile and Grout Cleaning Professionals

Look at the difference that cleaning your tile and grout can make!

How many of you have tile and grout in your homes, whether it be bathrooms, kitchen flooring, or whatever?  I’ve seen heated tile and grout installations in basements that were pretty slick, and even one tile inlay in a hardwood floor down in Roanoke that was very pretty.

Anyway, the point is that tile and grout is becoming, more and more, a common floor type in the housing market.  Regular maintenance is relatively simple and easy to do, as with any hard flooring surface.  All you do is run something similar to a Swiffer over it, and if you want to spend a little extra, you get the one that has the steamer built into it.  The extra heat from the steamer does a great job at breaking up any soiling that may be there.

However, long term, you’re going to encounter stuff that YOU, the consumer, simply can’t get up.  Traffic levels affect this (imagine a tile floor in a house where a relatively neat and clean, young, professional couple lives, as opposed to that same house 10 years later after 3 kids, 2 dogs and a cat), as do types of usage.  I have noticed 3 main areas that tend to be problematic, usually in front of the stove due to grease spattering and getting into the grout, near the dishwasher, and around toilets.

By problematic, I mean that after a normal cleaning, there can still be some minor discoloration in these areas.  This is due to soiling penetrating the porous grout, and getting deeper than can be removed by normal professional cleaning processes.   Never fear, dear readers…that is not to say it can’t be done.  It just requires a little extra TLC and a second cleaning, with a product designed very specifically for these areas.  After that, your grout will look beautiful!

If your tile and grout need a good cleaning, done by a professional, give us a call at 540-818-4073, or fill out the Free Estimate form on our website.  I would be happy to come take a look at your situation and discuss what needs to be done.

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