kid playing on clean tile floor

When You Need Professional Tile Cleaning Services

Your tile and grout floor is pretty easy to maintain on a day to day basis. However, after a few years, the grout lines start to get dark from dirt accumulation. If you can tell a difference in color between the grout near a wall versus normal traffic areas, it’s time for a professional grout and tile cleaning.

Now that you know when it’s time to clean your tile and grout, let’s talk about how to clean grout. Many people have called us because even when they’re down on their hands and knees with a toothbrush, their tile only looks good for a little while. When Quest Floor Care cleans and seal your grout, it stays cleaner for longer and will be easier for you to maintain going forward.

Quest Floor Care’s Tile Cleaning Process

Cleaning tile and grout is like cleaning anything else. There are three steps: spray, scrub, and extract.

We determine what particular cleaning solution to use depending on what type of soiling we’re up against (the buildup in a shower is very different from what will accumulates in a kitchen, for example), and what type of floor it is.

Once we’ve sprayed the cleaning solution, we then scrub the tile and grout to help break up the soiling and get it suspended in the cleaner.  At that point, we use what’s known as a “tile spinner” to do the actual deep cleaning.

Floor shines from cleaning

Tile Cleaning Vs. Coating Removal

It’s important to keep in mind that cleaning and costing removal are two separate things. There are a lot of floors that we’ve encountered over the years that have had a topical sealer applied to them.

Topical sealers create an actual physical barrier on top of your tile and grout that acts as a shield between your floor and the rest of the world. This barrier is somewhat similar to what a lot of people call “floor wax” in that the general idea is to prevent soiling from actually reaching the tile and grout.

In a perfect world, when someone seals their tile and grout floor (whether it’s ceramic or a natural stone like slate), they understand that this protective layer needs to be professionally cleaned regularly in order to properly maintain the look of the sealer. 

The Problem with Cleaning Sealed Floors

However, we often encounter floors that have been sealed multiple times without a professional cleaning. Basically, each added layer of sealer brings back the shiny look without addressing the real problem. 

This is problematic for a number of reasons, but the most important one is that the dirt on the floor is not sealed into the floor.  Since the cleaning process does not remove that sealer, the dirt is not removed either. 

Should this process be necessary, we’re happy to take care of this for you. Estimates for removing the sealant to do a deep clean must be done in person for us to assess how to remove the coating effectively.

We had some tile and grout that had been neglected for a while. Joseph came in and did an excellent job bringing life back to our tile and home. He was very professional, on time, and followed up quickly. I'll use Quest Floor Care for all my floor care needs.