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Cleaning Stubborn Pet Stains

We all love our pets! But that doesn’t mean we have to love the stains and smells they leave behind. Say goodbye to pet urine stains and odors with Quest Floor Care’s specialized pet urine extraction services.

Any dog or cat owner will tell you that accidents happen. The bad news, however, is that once a spot has been marked it’s more likely to be marked again and again. Before long this can become a big problem, and that’s when professional cleaning help is needed. 

The Pet Stain Extraction Process

At Quest Floor Care, we’re familiar with pet stains and we use the same three steps for each cleaning: spray, scrub, and extract. Learn about the process here. However, our pet cleaning process does involve some key differences from a regular cleaning. Pet urine is often more difficult to remove than many other types of stains.

Using industry-leading techniques and powerful enzymatic cleaners, we target the source of the problem, effectively breaking down and neutralizing urine molecules. In addition to our 3-step process, we also have three levels of odor control treatments for pet urine stains:

  1. Bio-enzyme
  2. Flush
  3. Flush and replace

What Makes Cleaning Pet Stains Different?

Pet urine stains require cleaners that contain bio-enzymes. These bio-enzymes break down, or digest, the proteins in pet urine. Spot cleaning with a bio-enzyme formula is level 1 of our odor control treatment process and is effective most of the time.

One of Quest Floor Care’s customers had pet stain and smell challenges left over from a previous owner. Our team prepared for the job by visiting the customer’s home the evening before, using a blacklight to locate the remnant pet urine stains. We successfully located all the stains and treated them with a bio-enzyme that evening.

The next day we returned to the customer’s home to complete the cleaning. No more persistent pet urine stains or smells!

Wear and Tear
Before Pet Stain Cleaning
Cleaning carpets
After Pet Stain Cleaning

What About Stubborn Spots?

For the times when just level one of pet stain treatment is not enough, the next step introduces a heavy-duty odor and stain remover into the desired carpet area. We finish by flushing out the solution with water. 

Sometimes a pet urine stain has soaked all the way down through the carpet, the backing, the padding, and into the sub-floor. These extreme jobs require a third level of our odor control treatment. 

Quest Floor Care deals with these tougher areas by first pulling up the carpet and replacing any affected padding as needed. We then apply an odor barrier to the sub floor, put new pad in place, and protect the padding with a sheet of plastic (to prevent re-contaminating the new pad). We also use an odor and stain remover to deal with the problem area in the carpet. After flushing that out with plenty of water, we complete the three core cleaning steps of spraying, scrubbing, and extracting. 

We understand that keeping your carpet clean with pets can be difficult and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Love your pet, and Quest Floor Care will take care of the rest.

Joseph is amazing! I had a huge pet accident and he came quickly and did an awesome job. The stain was so bad he had to come back the next day to pull up even more that was embedded deep into the carpet fibers. He is knowledgeable and does and exceptional job. Great quality, great customer service, and super friendly!

*After a level one cleaning, Quest Floor Care will return for one follow up treatment if necessary. Moving up to a higher level of treatment is strongly advised if one follow up is not enough to deal with the odor.

**Joseph, Quest Floor Care’s owner, is a certified Master Textile Cleaner with the IICRC. He professionally cleans carpet, tile and grout, and upholstery.